Public Relations

Having good PR can be about, professional media management, creating eye catching adverts and having strong brand recognition; however, it is much more than this. It’s about every aspect of how your company communicates with the world. Getting your message right, attracting new customers and building a loyal fan base is crucial to any company hoping to stand out in the board game industry.

Don't leave you PR to chanceI have many years of public relations experience, including local and national politics, message creation, media training and online marketing.

Whether you are developing a new game, growing your brand or responding to comments on a forum, having a marketing professional who understands board gaming on your team could make all the difference. 

Don't leave your PR to chance; for more information about this or other servicescontact me.

"Minster" of board games comes from my political days. In fact I was an PR and Marketing Exec not a Minister