About Wilderland Campaigns

I pride myself on being a trustworthy and reliable partner for board game publishers. I plan to be here in twenty years’ time, so I want to build relationships with my clients that will last.

I started my career in B2C internet marketing before moving into local/national politics and spent many successful years as a political marketing and PR professional. When my son was born, I chose to give up my career in politics and focus on being a stay at home father. I made the decision to become a marketing consultant to fit in with my role as a single dad. Around this time, because of my love for board games I started a little event on twitter called #BoardGameHour.

A few months later I got approached by my first board game client saying “You understand marketing and board games, why don’t you market board games”. They had a good point and after testing the water for a while and once my son became a little older, I took the plunge into being a full time board game marketing consultant.

I have over 15 years public relations and marketing experience and have been playing board games for over 20 years. I am dedicated to improving the board game industry and growing the market it serves. 

Nate Brett - The Minister of Board Games